Recently I was fortunate enough to get an interview with Scott Corum, writer, creator, gamer, entrepreneur, and star of the film ‘The Dungeon Masters’. I’ve been a fan of Scott’s for some time so as you can imagine this is quite exciting for me. So, without further delay let’s get to it, shall we?

Scott Corum writer, gamer, and star of ‘The Dungeon Masters’.

A lot of your fans, myself included, know you from the documentary ‘The Dungeon Masters’, how has that film impacted your life?

Quite a few people have contacted me on social media as a result of the documentary; I have a LOT of Facebook friends as a result. There have been a few professional connections as a result, as well; opportunities to be interviewed for online shows and a couple of writing gigs. Every so often, I get recognized in public, which is both surprising and delightful. I guess, mainly, the impact has been a certain amount of notoriety.

You said in the film that if you had your choice of careers you’d be a professional paid dungeon master, has that sentiment changed over the years?

It really hasn’t. I’d drop pretty much everything to do that job in an instant, if I had a good lead on it.

A lot of your fans are curious about Uncle Drac’s Magical Clubhouse, were there subsequent episodes filmed and if so is there any place online or elsewhere they might be available for viewing?

The segments that we filmed during the documentary, and which aired on Torrance City Cable, are available to view on YouTube through my channel, Uncle Drak. As a group, we filmed some segments for a second episode in the Torrance City Cable studios, but that footage was unfortunately lost. Some members from that group, and a few new people, are strongly considering producing some new material specifically for YouTube. If (when) that happens, it will be linked to from my existing channel, which also currently has my Vlog.

One of the most interesting portions of ‘The Dungeon Masters’, at least for me, were the segments that focused on your book ‘With a Single Wish Forever’, how did writing that book affect you? Is there a website where our readers can purchase your book?

Before I wrote “With a Single Wish Forever,” I thought I was trying to be a writer. When it was done… edited, re-written, torn apart, put back together, re-edited, and re-written again, I was a writer. When it got shot down by my agent, I was a failed writer. When I sucked it up, gave it one more re-write, and made it available online for purchase, I was really a writer. Doing all of the work of writing was a big part of it, and editing and re-writing is a big part of writing, but so is suffering for the work. If the process did anything, it firmed up my convictions to be a writer, first and foremost, and gave me the assurance to state that I am, in fact, a writer by trade.

‘With a Single Wish Forever’ by Scott Corum

With a Single Wish Forever” is currently available at Drive-Through Fiction, both as an electronic download and in print.

What projects are you working on at the moment that you’d like to share with our readers?

I started writing Roleplaying Games and supplements for those games shortly after filming ended on the Dungeon Masters. That’s proven to be fairly rewarding… personally, if not financially. Since 2007, I’ve written, edited, and done art for over two hundred products which are available online through

Most recently I revamped some of the older products and produced a roleplaying game called the Victory System. It allows for high-energy cinematic style roleplay in Fantasy, Near-Modern, and Space settings, or in a custom setting of a GM’s design. It has a bunch of supplements as well which allow for customization of equipment, animals, monsters, and other game elements. There are also alternate rules and expanded lists of magic spells, mechanica (Cyberware), martial arts abilities, psionic disciplines, and even super powers. The system as a whole is sort of my magnum opus as far as writing games goes; I’m still working on books that describe default settings for campaigns in all of the main eras of play.

My whole catalog can be found at

While the Victory System, specifically, is at–Core-Rulebook

You have a vlog that you have been doing on your website, I know you have taken a short hiatus from it; are there any plans to return to doing more episodes?

There are… I’m trying to work up the creative and personal energy to get back to a weekly show. Hopefully, things will look more steady within a month or so, and I’ll be able to devote some proper time and effort to ‘Matters’

Do you have any plans of returning to the field of writing? Specifically books and short stories?

I have a few novellas that I’d like to get out of my system, and there might be a short story anthology in me somewhere. I’m keeping notes on the concepts and ideas that I want to get written; at some point, I’m sure they’ll hit critical mass and I’ll have no choice but to type. When I have the creative energies to do the actual writing, there’s plenty there to work on.

What challenges have you faced recently or in your past that you have conquered or are in the process of conquering?

I suppose the big one is that back in December, I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the back of the mouth/throat/base of the tongue… or, in shorter terms, that I have cancer. Since then, I’ve undergone seven weeks of intensive Radiation and Chemotherapy, and I’m waiting on some tests to see what my current prognosis is. When I talk about not having creative or personal energy, that’s pretty much it. I’ve lost about a hundred pounds and all of my teeth. There are still some tubes in my body, pending the findings of the prognosis, so it’s next to impossible to work out or get myself back in shape right now. On the upside, though, I DID need to lose the weight (although I don’t recommend the process), and the Radiation appears to have given me the super-power of being able to rock a goatee. Literally… I can’t grow beard anywhere else on my face.

So, I need to get to a point where I can eat properly and exercise again. Until then, there’s a lot more sleeping in my day than I’m really comfortable with, which takes away most of the time that I’d like to spend on my writing and other pursuits.

Editor’s Note: Speaking from experience, cancer is a tough row to hoe. Scott has set up a GoFundMe page at to help offset the costs of recovering from his bout of cancer. I strongly encourage everyone to visit his page and donate. It’s not potato salad but you’d be helping a fellow human being return to a normal way of life. Thank you for your consideration.

What is one thing that you wish you could travel back in time and change?

Back in my younger and more foolish days, I had a relationship that was very good for me. I destroyed it in a foolish fit of utter selfishness, suffered for that mistake, and have been forced to wonder what could have been if only I hadn’t of been such an idiot. I think I’d definitely travel back and let myself know that it wasn’t going to be worth it… that I would never gain anything close to what I was about to lose.

That, or convince Hitler to stick with the art thing instead of going into politics… although I think that would cause a lot more ripples in the time-stream, ultimately, and I just don’t have the computing power to work out whether or not something worse would have happened as a result. So, yeah, I think I’ll stick with the “undo being an idiot in my twenties” thing.

What do you see in your future? What goals and dreams do you see yourself achieving? What sort of obstacles do you see, both internal and external that may prevent you from achieving those goals and dreams?

In the very near future? Get better and get stronger. I’ve been given a unique opportunity to rebuild my body from the foundations up, basically… losing a hundred pounds and being on a diet of medical formula for a few months has cleaned out a lot of space for “rebuilding.” I have a gym membership that I haven’t used to the best of my ability; when I am able, I’m hitting that gym. I’m going to try and control my eating habits, improving the quality of food that I eat while reducing the quantity. I’m going to avoid the heart attack that was waiting for my father and my brother by the age of fifty, and get back to being an active husband and father.

Past that? I’m going to either expand my own YouTube channel or start another, teaming with some of my Uncle Drac friends to produce shows on gaming, cooking, and perhaps some more “Magical Clubhouse” material with better production quality. I’m going to write some novellas, and produce some more gaming material for my own Victory System and for other systems. I’m going to get back to being a creative individual, and try to make it not only a living, but a good one at that.

The only real thing that can get between me and success in all of this, really, is me. My lack of drive, my poor discipline… if I fail at any of this, I can’t point a finger and say “it wasn’t my fault.” That’s the problem with being my own boss and trying to get along by creating content. If it doesn’t get done, it’s because I didn’t do it.

I’d like to thank Scott for taking the time to do this interview.

Scott can be reached at:

‘The Dungeon Masters’ can be found on at:

‘The Dungeon Masters’ starring Scott Corum

‘The Dungeon Masters’ IMDB page can be found HERE.


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